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Create a Myspace LED Scroller Aaliyah is one of the good things in my life, I own her great part of my inspiration. I love to design arts for her and work on videos as well, that's why I created this blog now: to show and talk just about Aaliyah. My twitter has the same name as this account, so you guys can find me there. I don't like Beyonce and neither Rihanna, I find them copy-cats, just love Aaliyah and also Left-Eye, but this is just about Lili. From a fan to another. MUCH LIYAH LUV!

Permalink To any **** thinking they can play #Aaliyah.
Permalink Real #Queen #Aaliyah #teamaaliyah
Permalink Rare picture of #Aaliyah. 
Source: I love the haughton angels (Aaliyah and Rashad) #facebook
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Permalink Who she slept with?
Fucking slut! Nothing to do with Aaliyah. 
Hope you to get massacred by her fans and fail
Permalink I like both #nickiminaj and #lilkim.
I remember when I hated Kim and said horrible things, but she truly liked #Aaliyah and I loved “black friday”.
Permalink Nothing to do with my tumblr,  I know, but have some #Lilkim guys!
Wishing the real #teamaaliyah a wonderful day!