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Create a Myspace LED Scroller Aaliyah is one of the good things in my life, I own her great part of my inspiration. I love to design arts for her and work on videos as well, that's why I created this blog now: to show and talk just about Aaliyah. My twitter has the same name as this account, so you guys can find me there. I don't like Beyonce and neither Rihanna, I find them copy-cats, just love Aaliyah and also Left-Eye, but this is just about Lili. From a fan to another. MUCH LIYAH LUV!

—Why the heck does Lolita Price try to be like Aaliyah?
to look like her, a little bit, is something, to try make people to always see Aaliyah when look at her or make comparations by using the same hair as she did and etc, is bullshit!
There is just ONLY ONE Aaliyah, and she should stop abusing the fact that she looks a little like her and also stop trying to act like her!
It pisses me off! She’ll never reach her feet!

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